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The best ways to get and stay connected around here (besides for joining us for the Divine Service and checking back often here at the web site) are the following:


St. Andrew's News E-Mail List

Join our St. Andrew's News & Updates e-mail list. It is low volume, perhaps 3-4 posts a week. To do so, simply send any e-mail message from your e-mail address of choice to If you are having trouble, please contact Pastor Preus and he will add you directly.

New Student Referral Form

Please use this form to let us know your contact information, or the contact information of someone you know who will be coming here to Laramie. Thanks!

Create a St. Andy's Account

If you are a student, member, parent of a student or an alumni of St. Andrew's/UW, please help us by updating your contact information in our brand new online database. This secure online database will eventually replace all existing means of tracking contact information. You can help us by creating an account and keeping your information updated. If you should forget your password, please contact Pastor Preus and he can reset it. Create an account now. Thanks!

Our Facebook Groups

Want to get to know everyone around here or stay connected with those who you knew here in the past. Please consider joining one or both of our Facebook groups:

  • St. Andy's is our main Facebook page for those that are here in Laramie and want to get to know one another, stay connected, and help spread the word about upcoming stuff here at St. Andrew's. It is an open group. The more the merrier!
  • St. Andrew's Lutheran Church & Campus Center Alumni Association is a great place to get connected with old friends and get acquainted with future alumni events. It's a closed group in order to limit it to those who are alumni of UW/St. Andrew's, but all you have to do is request to join the group and Pastor Preus will get back with you.


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A congregation of the Wyoming District of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod serving the students of the University of Wyoming & The Wyoming Technical Institute