Authentic Christ-Centered Worship, Study, and Sometimes Just Plain Silliness!

Welcome to St. Andrew's!

  1309 Grand Ave, Laramie, WY

(Right next door to the Alumni House)



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School Year Schedule 

While classes are in session at the University of WY:



No Sunday School until Zion Lutheran Vacancy is Filled


Divine Service (Worship): 10:45am (while Pr. Preus serves the vacancy at Zion)

We follow the liturgy from the Lutheran Service Book



Matins: 8:30am



Matins: 8:30am


Bible Study: 7pm

We will be studying the problem of evil, the foundations of dating/marriage, and as always, the Gospel.

This involves in depth Bible Study



Matins: 8:30am


Lutheran Catechesis: Morning and/or Afternoon

This is a class on the basics of Christianity 

We use Luther's Small Catechism as an outline.



Matins: 8:30am


Evening Prayer: 7pm

This is a prayer service with singing and preaching

Usually about 20-30 students gather here. We often have activities afterwards.

It is our main event during the week.  


Happy Hour: 8pm

We do anything from playing poker to watching a movie or going bowling.

In the Spring and Fall we have bonfires in the back.  



Pastor's day off



We do different activities throughout the year on the weekends,

hiking, retreats, etc. 




A congregation of the Wyoming District of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod serving the students of the University of Wyoming & The Wyoming Technical Institute