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Brooklyn Lake - 2004

In February 2004, eleven souls braved the cold Snowy Range winter, skiing or snowshoeing in on a Friday night to stay at the Brooklyn Lake Guard Station. It was an adventure to remember as we fended off the dreaded Abominable Joel and endured the torturous box game in order to receive our rations. Oh, to be sure, these are things that the developers of PlayStation 2 games would not dare to even dream of. In the end, we did not know if we should laugh, cry, or pray, as Deacon Hu provided us all with a memory that will forever be etched in our minds. Queen Amber prevailed, though Danny Boy would not be denied the last opportunity to lick the bottom of the Papa John's pizza box. Oh what dangerous times were these! The snow was deep, the stars were plenteous, the wood stove was hot, the S'mores were tasty, the beds were few, and all brave souls survived to tell the tale.
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