Every November St. Andrew’s hosts a youth retreat for the youth of the Wyoming District and beyond.  It is a weekend full of learning, worship, and fun.

The topic for this year’s retreat to be held November 2-4, 2018 is “David: Prophet, King, Sweet Psalmist of Israel.” 

In addition to learning about the life of David, there will be lots of practical teaching that comes from his story.

We host tournaments in pool, ping pong, and woodchopping, among other things.

Online registration link is here: Click here for the Youth Breakaway Registration Form

After you have filled out the Youth Breakaway Registration Form, come back to this page and pay below or bring a check to the event. Please do not pay by credit card before you have filled out the Registration Form.

Complete a separate registration form for each attendee.
Pay separately for each attendee if you are paying by credit card.

If you so desire, you may bring a check to the event instead of paying by credit card. Please make checks payable to “WY Youth Breakaway”.

Youth Breakaway November 2-4, 2018.
Cost is $35
We accept PayPal and Credit Cards.
(When paying, use the attendee’s name that you used on the Registration Form)

(If you have issues, please contact Pastor Mark Preus : 307-343-3147)

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